Why Red Fox?

Our Philosophy

We put our heart and soul into creating engaging, exciting and inspiring events that deliver powerful results for our clients.

We value intelligent and bold creativity combined with a practical and no-nonsense approach and aim to work with clients and suppliers who share our passion for creating joyful and innovative experiences.

Importantly, Red Fox is built on a foundation of honesty, warmth, energy, intelligence, craft and a large dose of hard work and attention to detail.

We know that working closely with our clients in a collaborative and supportive way is key to helping them deliver on their goals and exceed audience expectations. Combined, this makes us a dedicated and refreshing partner to work with you to deliver events that connect audiences and achieve tangible results for your business.

Meet the team...

Red Fox definition:

Kitsune: - /kɪtˈsune/ /kɪtˈsun/ - noun

1. (mythology) a Japanese fox with magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom. Can shape shift into women. The more tails a kitsune has, the older, wiser and more powerful she is. Two of these powers are the wilful manifestation of other people’s dreams and the creation of illusions.

Victoria Walker

Victoria Walker

Victoria is an experienced Event Director and Production Manager with 20 years experience in the event industry. She can get as excited over trakway and toilets as she does about new design concepts or mind-blowing performances and is geekily obsessive about schedules, budgets and spreadsheets.

She has considerable contacts within the industry and an established network of selected freelance event professionals to support delivery of events.

One thing you should know about Victoria: her dog is called Hendricks (after the gin, not Jimi – she’s not that cool).



As well as being an Event Manager and Producer extraordinaire of 10 years experience, Alex has an extensive Marketing and Communications background.

An artist at heart, Alex perfectly personifies Red Fox’s hybrid nature - passionate creativity with detailed practicality.

One thing you should know about Alex: nothing exciting happens in London or on the festival scene without her knowing about it!



With over 18 years experience as a designer, in both the events and film industries, Hanna makes the magic in our minds happen in 4D.

From the filmic detail of the Harry Potter films to huge set pieces at Old Billingsgate, Hanna brings her artists eye and power tools to create events that tell stories with style and drama.

One thing you should know about Hanna: we are in awe of her ability to make anything and anywhere look good!